Canoe paddles

I need some suggestions, please. What canoe paddles would be comparable to the following kayak paddles. By this I mean, price and quality. Make sense?

Carlisle Day Tripper = ______________

Aquabound Sting Ray = ______________

Werner Athena = ______________

Bending Branches
My wife and I paddle tandem exclusively and have tried a few makes of paddles but are the most satisfied with paddles from BB. They are not terribly expensive so we don’t get locked in on a paddle because of what we spent on it. My favorite is the BB Arrow. My wife was using a BB Special (bent). Last time out I got to try the BB Beavertail I picked up at Canoecopia this year but it didn’t knock the Arrow out of my hands. My wife tried it and likes it better than the Special so guess who gets the new paddle. Good paddles at reasonable prices.