canoe parts

I picked up an older Coleman 16’ (plastic) canoe and the aluminum keel tube is bent and cracked. do you have any suggestions for replacement parts for this boat. thanks

electrical conduit …

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...... thin walled pipe tube is what it is . Lightwiegt but reasonable bend resistence

Check Home Depot or Lowes or a local electrical supplier . Not very expensive !!

10' lengths should be the shortest available . 1" size is probably the smallest .

Pretty certain all of it will be zinc cadium plated for rust resistemce . Check for the connection fittings as well .

Good idea. It might be possible to cut
out the bent portion of the keel tube, and slip a piece of that conduit tubing over the cut ends.

There is a chance that the conduit tube won’t be stiff enough once installed. In that case, aluminum tubing is not hard to get, and a piece with inside diameter selected to slip over the cut ends of the original would do the job.

When you’ve had all the fun you can
stand in that Coleman, it will make a good compost bin, and you can get a pricier canoe.