Canoe Portage Pack

Could someone point me in in right direction as to what to pack for day trips or a week-end trip. I solo quite often or with a friend occasionally. its a med size pack.

if a cheap dry pack is what your after… i say check out the cheap $25 drybag backpacks avail at most superwalmarts… just line with heavy duty trashbag which i would do anyway regardless of cost.

my $25 pack held up to over 5000 hard river miles over several years

if you want a really well made dry pack at what i consider a OK price 0f 60-100$, if i had to do it over again id go with a REI drypack…these things are bullet proof!

Not the pack
what I was looking for is what to pack in it ,I have the pack already.

Day trip
Day trips and weekend trips are very different for what you need to pack. In fact, gear for a weekend trip is pretty much the same as for a week-long trip, just a little less food.

For a Day trip (off the top of my head)

Change of clothes - head-to-toe; skin out; including a towel; waterproffed (plastic bag)



fire starting stuff (lighter and tinder)

repair kit (duct tape minimumly)

first aid kit

sun glasses

sun screen

bug dope

Map and compass (if needed)

extra car key

Outside the pack

an extra paddle

a pfd(s)

Almost forgot …
Toilet Paper (in a ziplock to keep it dry)!

Don’t forget the TP!!! :slight_smile:

my day trips
All I really need is a paddle leash, a PFD, canteen and lunch. Anything else is extra.

What I DO take is:


extra water

paddle leash

first aid kit

extra paddle

waterproof camera

waterproof binoculars

2 painters


sun hat

sun screen

bailer & sponge

dry-case for wallet & keys w/ clip to hold it inside the kayak


my bad
i would carry mostly the same gear for either a few days or a six month expedition

in the medium drypack i have my tent, tent stakes, tent poles buckled to top of bag, ground cloth, sleeping bag, lock and cable, P bottle, extra TP,if i brought sneakers i would try n squeeze em in also,

cloths bag used as a pillow w shorts, shirt,long pants, long johns, lite jacket, 1 boonie hat, 1 wool hat, fleece pullover, 2 pair socks, bandannas…

i also carry a cheap school bookbag w a small dry bag unside tied onto canoe, that has camera, cell phone, vhf weather radio,chargers for radios, meds, TP, flaregun, sun lotion, wallet, canoe registration, journal n pen, trip plan and contact info, snacks,lunch, spoon, book, LED headlamp, maps, walkman w external speakers, extra sunglasses, maybe a unico candle lantern and space blanket as part of my hypothermia kit, extra batteries,…mostly all in their own freezer ziplocks… the old style without the zipper…(zipper ziplocks bite)…

worn would be ,shorts,shirt, Teva’s, sunglasses

also in canoe… foodbag- a small drybag, and soft 5gal water jug(rarely carry more than 3 gals), ridgerest sleeping pad, large automotive sponge, spare paddle , portage yoke depending if needed, 1 liter MtnDew bottles for drinking water, maybe pair of mud boots depending on location and weather, $5 foldup wallyworld chair,

if only going for few days i’d prolly leave out the walkman, books,

i try to be prepared so i can live where ever i go for at least a week extra if need be