Canoe pricing help?

Hope this is the right place to post this! One of my buddies is moving and had some canoes his dad had left him that he was probably going to sell…We have looked can’t find a whole lot of info on this Kevlar Mad River Winooski. Not sure what year it is (looks like they were made from the 80s to 2002)…This one is in excellent shape, some rock rub on the bottom, but the seats, gunwale and thwarts and yoke are amazing… just trying to get a ballpark listing price or what he would expect to get out of this

You can get the year from the Hull ID # which is etched or molded on the side of the boat near the stern.

Rough guess is to list it for a grand and see interest.

The lack of inventory right now will help him

Around $900 would be in the ball park.