Canoe Propulsion

Hello out there,

I have developed a new canoe product, which enables one to drive a standard pair of canoe paddles in the conventional forward paddle stroke style whilst one pedals using their legs.

The propulsion device:

  • attaches to the gunwales of a standard canoe in less than five minutes.
  • requires no (permanent) modification.
  • can hold most types of canoe paddles (wood, alum, or composite).
  • efficiently aligns the paddles for maximum thrust and no splashing.
  • folds down flat in 5 seconds when the need arises to return to manual paddling (by hand), useful in tight spots or white water.
  • enables one to canoe hands free!
  • outperforms two people paddling a canoe by hand by using the leg power of one person.
  • enables one to drive direct into strong head winds and in any direction with rudder attachment.

    I’m looking for anyone seeking the need for this product and advice on the best way to get it known to the canoe market. Any takers?

How do you portage this thing?

It seems less than useful for wilderness canoe trips and, what do you do in whitewater?

Not something I need
but I think it could be a hoot to see it in action. Also, seeing it in use may give us ideas on who may benefit from the product (handicapped individuals?). Got a link to a video of it in use?

good start would be posting pictues here

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... you know, the old "picture paints a thousand words" addage.

Much like they carry the disabled to Kayaks, those without arms (Or simple problems like a broken arm) could paddle a canoe…

Might be nice for fishing. A picture really is needed.

How would you complete
a draw, pry, sweep stokes or brace’s with the paddles being attached or would they have to be removed to do these?

It’s hard to see how it works
without seeing how it works.

if I had
any thoughts, they would be suntans. Interesting perhaps. How do I use my legs if I’m kneeling? I imagining a seat modification… now I’m imagining John Cleese, Eric Idle, and the rest of the “Monty Python” crew. Hurry please with some pictures/plans so I can infringe/patent oops I mean put my imagination to rest.

Check here…
different boats of all types,and a canoe & kayak pictures in there somewhere.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Canoe Propulsion - follow up
To answer some question:

Arrangement - One sits on a canoe seat with a backrest and pedals in the recumbent position.

White water - It is convertable on the fly. Just fold it down and take the paddles off and resume hand paddling. THe device aims to provide increased speed/power and control for large flat water areas (rivers/lakes/bays) and windy conditions.

Uses - fishing/trolling/camping/hunting/photography/and managing a trip with small children.

Stroke type - Sweep. For forward or reverse path, use a 3rd paddle as a rudder in its rudder holder.

Pictures/Photos - February 7, 2007 this media will be available.

Feet or hands - Pedal using feet whilst seated, or with the hands, or hands whilst kneeling.

Canoe Propulsion - follow up
Portage - it is packable into a bag for travel and portage. It can also be portaged whilst attached to the canoe.