canoe question from kayaker

I am hoping to plan a trip to the lower Colorado river this spring. One of the local outfitters has a deal where they shuttle you to and from Topock Gorge one day, and to Black Canyon (below Hoover Dam) another day. They will haul your boats to Topock Gorge, but not to Black Canyon. They only provide canoes for Black Canyon.

Black Canyon is a flat, Class I, minimal current section of the Colordao River, and is about a 11-12 mile paddle. It is supposed to be lovely, and suitable for beginners physically fit enough to paddle this distance. I’ve paddled Topock Gorge before (16 miles with an approx. 3-4 mph current)

If I can find 10-20 people, and we get our permits for Black Canyon, they will provide the shuttle to both places, as long as the two trips are within 5 days of one another, along with any gear we need, and dinner one night at the campsite, for about $90. This could be a fun pnet paddle!

In researching this, this is definitely the easiest way to paddle both trips. What I want to know is how hard would it be for a totally novice canoe paddler to do something like this? The outfitter didn’t think it would be a problem.

I am tempted, but if it’s unwise,I will paddle one or the other, not both during the same trip.

Thanks in advance for your guidance:)

He actually estimated the time
of actual paddling to be about the same as you. He thought it would take us longer as there would be places we would want to get out and explore, i.e. petroglyphs, sauna caves, waterfalls and a hot spring. I think they give us from 8 until 3:30 or so to complete the trip.

Thanks for taking the time to respond:)

There is a slight current
and we have seven hours to paddle this stretch of the lower Colorado before the shuttle would pick us up.

Thanks for the tip on how best to place novice and experienced canoists together. I am sure we will have our kayak paddles with us, and that’s a good idea as well. Unfortunately, we will have mostly novices, unless some pnet canoists can join us:) We would like that!

Thanks for the feedback and tips everyone!

The 3-4 mph current is
at Topock Gorge. I believe it is somewhat less through Black Canyon. They allow seven hours for a day paddle as so many stop and explore the hot springs, sauna caves, etc. Actual paddling time is estimated to be 4 hours more or less, and it’s considered suitable for beginners who are physically fit.

As someone who’s inexperienced ina canoe, I just thought I would ask if this seems reasonable.

You can paddle your canoe
on both Topock and Black Canyon. The problem is finding a time that is good for you and your school schedule-and making sure we are not anywhere near Havasu during spring break:)

What are the dates you are available? Where are coming from? Do you have to be on a break, or can you get away for a long weekend? This is all very much in the planning stages and we can be flexible. I just know I want/need to get to the desert this spring! We have a thread in the getting together forum.

My husband had a heart attack last month and we can’t be too far away from a medical center until at least March.