Canoe question

Any one know of a royalex canoe that is about a foot or a foot and a half longer, (no more than fifteen feet) than the Wenonah Sandpiper, but the same width ?



Without extensive research…

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Wenonah Vagabond
1 foot longer in length
1 1/2" wider (max width)

Also "similiar" are the Wenonah Argosy & Bell Yellowstone/Wildfire.

Don't know if you'll find "anything" that's the "exact" same width & 1 foot longer.


P.S. I went out to my garage; looked at a boat hanging there & then looked up the specs.......

Wenonah Sandpiper: 13'6" length
28.5" max beam
27.5 beam at waterline

Dagger Sojourn: 14'9" length
29" max beam
27" beam at waterline

One foot, 3 inches extra length, and only one half inch difference in beam widths.

The Piragis Northwoods catalog has a side by side comparison of most of the Bell and Wenonah canoes. Not sure if it is on their web site. It lists all the stats plus the claimed weigts in different layups and prices.

Thanks -more questions
What material is the Dagger made out of and what is it’s weight?


Dagger Sojourn link

tha’ts not me in the link, just an interesting story that has the canoe’s dimensions shown.

I’ve only paddled the Vagabond and can’t give you an direct comparison between the Sandpiper and the Sojourn. From what I know however, the Vagabond (SandPiper’s bigger sibling) turns a heck of a lot better than the Sojourn but the Sojourn is so much faster and easier to track it’s joyful to paddle. I’ve used mine up to Class I and Class II chutes and it has a more full bow than the Vagabond so it doesn’t take on water the way the Vagabond seemed to. The Sojourn really shines as a flatwater cruiser such as in ADK or BWCA. The wind doesn’t affect it and it tracks so effortlessly a slight pitch stroke or tiny J will keep you on course hour after hour.

Mine is Royalite and weighs an honest 44# based on averaging three weighings with my digital bathroom scales (compared to SOME solo canoe manufacturers who understate their weight by as much as 5-10#). I haven’t noticed any oil canning at all, which I did notice in the Vagabond.

I’ve noticed the Sojourn is remarkably stable compared to other solos such as Vagabond and Yellowstone Solo. You can actually fish from the Sojourn. I haven’t tried standing in it but I think it would be just fine to do so, just don’t lurch around too much, as in fly fishing and netting fish while standing up.

If you want to try a Sojourn I’m in western Virginia near Lexington, come on up and paddle a day with me. Side by side the Sojourn will be a pretty good match for my Swift Shearwater in terms of speed and easy going.

I bought the Sojourn to race in stock solo class, then found out it’s banned in North Carolina because its 1/2" too narrow. No problem in Virginia though.

Andy in Virginia

Good info Andy- Thanks.
On the “banned in NC”, it depends on the race and there are a bunch of them that you can race that in.

Yesterday on the New River Races you would have been able to jump right into the C-1 class. Any boat made out of any material as long as it was under 18 feet.

The Dan River race that is coming up later is another that doesn’t specify any widths.

When the ACA gets into the act then the widths are all spelled out.

One went by just a few weeks ago where they went by weight.

It seems you need a half dozen different boats if you want to race in all the races.

The exact same things hold true for the kayaks.


I don’t know…
I don’t know about standing up/fly fishing out of a Sojourn? I’m not a fisherman…

I will say this, “if you plan to stand up, and fish out of a Dagger Sojourn; you had better be a fisherman with damn good balance”.

The Sojourn is one of my canoes that I love to watch people test paddle. It has thrown more than a few people out of it as they were trying to take a seat. Feels a lot more stable in a kneeling position. Pretty boat; nice lines. Fast, easy to keep moving with little effort, and a hard tracker. Not, in my opinion, a boat you’d want to try to manuever through a rock garden in fast water.

Not too easy to find one these days.


I have stood in my sojourn, but getting up and down is the hard part. Usually I do it in the middle of the lake so I can jump out and go swimming. :slight_smile: