canoe rack for a Jeep Wrangler soft top

Is there any company out there that makes a roof rack for a Jeep Wrangler soft top. I have seen some homemade rigs that require a lot of drilling and bolts that are hard on the finish and are very bulky.

Yes Sir !
I have mine outfitted with a Kargo Master rack, with their adapters for Yakama bars.

It is hinged at the back, and two large bolts,(one on each side) secure it to the front. I keep the wrench in the glove compartment.

When you want to put the top down, you just remove the two front bolts, and the whole thing lifts over and lays behind the vehicle, until you have the top down, then you put it back.

It is a bitch to install, but once it is done it is a real neat setup.

Even though I have the adapters for the yakama bars, if I had to do it over, I would have just bolted the Yakama bars to the Kargo Master bars.

The Kargo Master adapters raise the bars an extra inch, and just add extra junk.

You should see this old fart, and “the bride” tooling down the highway with the top down and two 18 foot yaks above us!



Jeep Softop
After a lot of research and opinions I decided to go with the “Top Five Rack”.

It is extremely light(mostly aluminum and stainless steel), easy to install, and comes with Thule crossbars. No drilling required(mounts to pre-existing holes), and it does not even leave a mark on your body. You do not need to remove the rack to lower and raise your soft or hardtop.

I installed it in an afternoon, and so far has worked without any problems. It seems incredibly durable.

I bought it from rack warehouse and here is the link.

here’s what i’m using … great rack.

Wrangler top mount
Thanks for the info. I will check this rig out.

JC Whitney Co
When I was contemplating getting a Jeep I checked out several rack sources. Take a look at Jeep site.

NC Cal

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