Canoe Rack - GMC Terrain

I just bought a used 15’ Scott Wilderness canoe and am trying to figure out how to strap it to my vehicle roof.

I have a 2013 GMC Terrain with factory siderails. A quick measure of the canoe’s widest point is 37inches. The space in between the siderails is 36inches.

So I am a bit at a loss of what to do. If I get factory cross rails I believe they will only fit the 36 inch gap - not extend past it. My assumption is it may not be safe is the canoe gunwale extends (even slightly) past the siderail/cross beam).

Looking at aftermarket setups, I’m seeing that they would have an attachment that is going to be ‘raised’ above the cross beam/siderail, where the canoe is going to rest…

Can anyone recommend a set up or rack that will work with this situation? or that has the same vehicle?



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My recommendation would be the Yakima RailGrab system. It attaches very short clamps to your side rails, through which can be installed a crossbar of any length. yo uwant 48" of crossbar surface (or more?). you can have it with this system.

Thule makes a similar setup as does (I think) Rhino Racks. but I'm recommending the Yakima system because it's so popular and the single model fits so many cars, that you can frequently find it used on Ebay or Craigslist. And if you need to sell it down the road, you'll have a bigger market.

Here's an illustration of the rack:

where’s the front half ?

? I dunno looks kinds dicey from here…

go over to your local steel mill n take a look at the rectangular bars…figure weights lengths with an online calculator, buy 2 maybe 3 for a thwart matchup

n bolt on with 1/4-20 grade 5 fasteners, USS washers, nylocks.

You may find fore-aft struts useful.