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I’m looking to replace my old, homemade (not very well) saw horse canoe racks for storing my canoe outside when not in use. I’m trying to find a manufactured or custom-built replacement. I can’t find anything searching the internet. I’m not talking about car racks, wall racks, or garage ceiling suspension systems. I have to store my canoe outside, standing above the ground. Any suggestions, recommendations?



Tampa, FL

Seitech makes storage racks. You could probably do something similar on your own if you wanted to save some money.

If you go into the sub-menus in the rack section, you will see various options.

I took a coup[le of 2X12s as the horizontals, mounted 2X6s vertically off their ends, ran 2X4 stringers between them, including cross-bracing for rigidity, and placed short 2X4s cantilevered out from the 2X6s to hold 2 boats.

The 2X12’s keep the plastic boats far enough off the ground, and the cantilevered 2X4s hold my poly Perception Eclipse and my glass Knysna Isthmus. ALl are locked onto the frame with cables, and the fame is locked to a fencepost similarly.

All wood it PT pine, and is bolted together. It’s a stong rack, with each cantilevered 2X4 able to hold my 200# just fine. I figurte that being the case, two together could support a 65# boat pretty easily.

You can see a couple of views of the rack at;photo_width=auto;photo_height=auto

and selecting the “Side View” and “End-On” view photos.

You don’t have to build it so strongly, nor to hold as many boats, if you don’t have the need. If you’re up north, I suggest a good coat of polyurethane sealer, or a coat or two of good exterior enamel paint, to help it weather winters.

I think the bill for the whole kit & kaboodle came to something like $45 or so.

And methinks we’re about to see JUUUUST how well it’s made… Right, Frances?

Whatever or however you chose, you, too, can put one together pretty easily if you want to. And you’ll have a gret place to keep your boats when you do HAVE to put them up and you WON’T

Paddle On!

-Frank in Miami

4 cinder blocks

1 8’ 2x4

Cut 2x4 in half set each half on 2 cinder blocks. Voila, instant solid canoe rack. Rig a cheap nylon tarp to shade the canoe from uv degradation.

Here’s what I did…

materials were about $25-



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For something like this that’s outdoors & exposed to the weather, my only suggestion would be to spend the extra $ (not much) & go with pressure treated wood as Scupperfrank did. Well worth it in the long run. Just my .02.

Fine looking
boats! I like the rack too.

Outdoors Rack
I built racks for my canoe and kayaks that bolt to the outside wall of my storage shed. Made from 1" square tube steel that I welded and lagged to the wall. They will hold more than the wall will and by placing them on the north side of the shed they are already protected from the sun.

2 sets Hold my 17’ AL canoe, 16’ Poly Tandem Kayak & 2- 9’6" Poly Kayaks.

And yes it needs modified as I added two boats this year to the group. The Fiberglass one leaning on the end was a freebee from a friend so it gets left off the rack.

Would be willing to make more if anyone likes what they see. I would include the mounting hardware and brackets, less any padding for $75 a set.

ready-made saw horses
Go down to Lowes, Home Depot or similar store do-it-your self tools and hardware and by a couple of plastic saw horses.


I built the side frames in the basement.
assembled the rack in the driveway where the pic was taken and it resides in the garage. For Outdoor storage, I think I’d add something to reduce the contact surface if the boat had wood gunwales, pressure treated (or teak)would be a good addition, too, as would coated or stainless hardware. Otherwise it works great- easy access for either craft, very solid. It was a “quick & dirty” 3 hour project.



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Thanks for the response!


Tampa, FL