canoe rack

I am going to have several canoes. I would like to build a rack for them. Am looking for suggestions on materials to use, design, off the shelf stuff.

I have canoes all over the place
I just use two cross pieces, between two poles.

Some of the cross pieces are 2 x 4’s and others are rigid galvanized pipe.

If you are talking about a free standing rack you can make one out of 2 x 4’s using diagonals as bracing on the sides and the ends.

If the canoes are light weight you can make some nice ones using PVC piping with “T’s” and el’s.



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quick & Cheap-

works great!


Let me count the ways, here are a few:

It just so happens I do have a few canoes and kayaks stored in a variety of places using a variety of materials. How many we are not discussing as it seems to get some on the boards here all riled up. ;^)

A few are hanging from pole barn rafters with rope. These are the collectibles that I really do not paddle.

Most are slung from the stringers in my basement, garage, and under my rear deck. It is the easiest method I use. I use eye bolts in the stringers and cam lock straps, rachet straps, or rope to hang them. Canoes are best stored up side down with the weight on their gunwales at or near the thwarts. Kayaks best supported at or near their bulkheads.

A couple of boats are under the deck on furniture movers ($16 each at Harbor Freight) on the ground or just on 6"x6" lumber laid on the ground. Note: Do NOT put boats directly on the new pressure treated lumber as it is highly corrosive to most all metal and not nice to other materials either!

Some of my boats are on saw horses and wooden racks.

My favorite way to store my boats is to sling them from wooden frames using expired fire hose for the sling. I have single, double, and triple high sling frames. They are very handy when put on wheels. I would have a four high sling frame, but the top boat is normally slung from the stringer above. My 10 foot ceilings normally only allow for four in a stack. The single slings work very well as work stands! Pressure treated lumber with fire hose slings will do ok outside. Strips of carpet also work well for slings, but not outside.



3 boats, gear, paddles & an alligator
I made this from 2x2’s and brackets from Home Depot. You can buy the brackets to fit 2x4’s instead, but I didn’t want the weight or extra cost. I used scrap plywood roof decking for the bottom shelf for storage, but the others are open. I also put it on wheels to roll around in my garage.

As you can see, it holds three boats, an alligator, my paddles, coolers, camping & boat gear.

I built 4’ high sawhorses, put my 14’…
…canoe on top, and my wife’s 9’ rec kayak fits on

crosspieces below.

whatever your space and needs are
Mine is basically two “E”'s make from 2x6 with cross braces between them and a smaller angle piece supporting the arms. It holds the tandem and 2 solos.