Canoe recanvassing?

Can anyone supply the name of someone who can recanvas a classic Old Town canoe (circa 1947).
It was recanvassed twice before and I have been told the wood is in decent shape.

The canoe is located in Upstate NY, but a shop in PA or New England would be doable.

It’s not my canoe, so I certainly have no interest in a DIY project.

Thank you.

WCHA.ORG The wooden canoe heritage association has a list of builders. It would be a very good resource for you.

In Norfolk Ct., Schuyler Thomson may still be around, and I think Robin Lauer (beavertail on here back when canoes roamed the earth) is in Winchester Ct. now. I paddled with Robin a few times, and he worked with Shuyler some years back. Don’t know Shuyler, but Robin is a guru.