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I have a canoe I've had since 2007 but has been in storage since 2009 when I got my kayaks. This summer I am wanting to get back into canoeing. Well since my canoe has been in storage I let the registration slip and it has not been registered since 2009. I am going to get it registered this year but I am getting conflicting information on whether it is required or not. Here is the DMV website that says it is not required for canoes

and then there is the department of revenue website that isn't very clear on canoe registration. It does say titling is not required for canoes though

So my question is for those of you with current experience. Do you still have to register a canoe over 12ft or have they changed the requirements since I last registered it 6 years ago? I plan on calling the DOR tomorrow to find out for sure but I am curious and impatient today ha. Thanks in advance for any help

Hmmm, I’ve Paddled In SD…
…and never had a license on a canoe nor ever seen one on the few canoes and kayaks I saw there?

looks like it’s not required
I think you’re in luck. Looking at the “titling” link, about five paragraphs down there is this section.

Exemptions from boat titling (boats that cannot be titled).

Non-motorized boats 12 feet and under in length

Canoes, inflatable vessels, kayaks, sailboards, and seaplanes.

I’d interpret the two links you listed as you not needing to register your canoe.

try the GF&P website
Boats are registered for a one year period. Fees are based on the length of boat and the type of propulsion. All registration needs to be done at the county treasurer’s office in the county of residence, not where a boat is kept or primarily used. - See more at:

All motorized boats, regardless of length and construction materials, and all non-motorized boats over 18 feet in length must be licensed and numbered. Non-motorized boats over 12 feet in length must have a validation sticker, but boat numbering is optional. Non-motorized boats 12 feet in length or less are not required to be licensed or numbered. - See more at:

I register my canoes annually at a cost of $25.00 each. I do not opt to put the full-size number on them–only the validation sticker.

That would run into real money, for
those of us who use more than half a dozen different boats a year. Glad I won’t be in SD with more than one canoe, for one river, max.

What if hunting registration was by individual guns, or fishing registration was per rod?