Canoe Rent, CA


I am writing from the Netherlands.

I’m looking to do a three day Canoe trip on the Trinity River, starting in Willow Creek,

with my two sons.

However, we are looking for a rental place to rent 2 canoes (thus far we have only been able to find rafting outfits).

Is there anyone who can rent us privately two canoes? Or may I ask you for a contact or tips whom we should get in touch with?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Maarten Vissers

some options
I would try one of the shops in Eureka/Arcata. If they don;pt rent,. they may know people who do:

One thing you may find is that canoes are not that common in California. Most people kayak or raft the rivers.

The part of the Trinity I ran
was technical class 2 at summer level, and easily done solo in my open ww canoe. I would be less certain about canoes loaded with camping gear.

You might consider renting duckies, inflatables big enough for a person and camping gear. One can quickly become accustomed to controlling them, they are quite forgiving of unfamiliarity. You are perhaps more likely to find duckies for rent than canoes.