Canoe rental in MA,NH,ME for off site use?

Looking to get two Kevlar tandems for an Allagash trip in June. The outfitter we are using as a shuttle only has PET OT’s, but we’d like something lighter. No specific models in mind. Thanks!

I would rethink that. Norm will come at you with “you’ll break zee boat” He did with us when we went down with our Kevlar Odyssey. He has some experience with outfitting and over the years has seen it all. I think he has been around since 1985 or so.

We got away with it because we have been tripping in big whitewater with it before and the Allagash was quite high. And it was our old boat. And we did not run Chase. You will miss half the fun. Renting a light boat could have repercussions with your pocketbook if you wrap.
( we did in 1973… ran Chase with a aluminum boat. Alu catches on rocks. Instant wrap… Fortunately not a deep wrap we just jumped on it to get the hog out of the bottom.
You only have two portages. One is thirty feet and the other 300 yards and well surfaced with no big rock scrambles.

here is a history of monthly mean water levels… We are heading back into drought perhaps locally… I am about 100 miles from the Allagash.,00060,63588

You likely can rent a cart from Norm… The ports are very cartable.

Some of rocks on the Allagash can be sharp. In log drive days rocks were cleared using dynamite and the residual ones can be like knives. Last drive was 1971

Got it. After our other exchanges, I gave up on this one.

I’m not a cart guy and would much rather carry, even if I have to make a trip back for the gear. That’s how I have solo’d my tank of an OT on the mile and a half portage on tbe Raquette, so 300 yards is easy.

Having done that one on the Racquette too… there is no comparison… However a cart may make for more efficiency… There is no right or wrong on this one. I portaged my canoe each time… Damn the people that had carts! Yah even though they were my friends!