Canoe Rental Quandary

In July I’m taking my 3 kids, 2 dogs, and daughter’s friend for a few days on Woods Island VT (lake Champlain) canoe camping. The community here helped me pick a new canoe, but it won’t ship until about October. Hence the rental need.

I called KillKare St Park and they, to my frustration, weren’t able to provide any info on outfitters that may rent canoes. Any suggestions? Very much welcomed!

The Adirondacks on the other side of the lake are full of canoe rental places. Over the hill in VT there still might be one in Warren/Sugarbush area, where Mad River Canoe was once located. On Northern Lake George there is a marina with a canoe nailed to the building, I assume they rent canoes or did. And there is a campground(private not the state run Rogers Rock) just South of Ticonderoga that usually has a rack of rental canoes out front. Other option is to buy a Grumman or some such beast off craigslist for the trip then resell for the same price.

You might give these guys a call:

They typically rent canoes for use on the Lamoille River but I noticed they now have what they call off-site canoe rentals.