Canoe Repair (Gunnel Rubber\Bumper)


I’m looking for the name of the rubber strip that gets fed into the gunnel channel along the outside edges of the canoe. I’m looking for its name as I may need to purchase a new set (one for each side)

The rivets on one side of the rear seat have let go. From what I can tell, I need to remove this rubber strip (and possibly replace it) to reattach the seat with new rivets. The alternative is to simply add new rivets by drilling a hole the size of the rivet head, through the rubber.

I believe the rubber is used as a bumper on the canoe, and to hide the rivets holding the seats and the gunnels onto the fiberglass.

Any help you can offer is appreciated.

Thanks, Steve.

Telling us the make and model I think would help. I don’t know the exact name but it is a cover strip to hide the hardware.

Sometimes those strips can be a bear to put in as you need to pull them not push them in.

Best term is ‘u channel rubber’. From there you may get other search terms to help you.

They are called boat rub rail inserts. You can find them at various marine supply companies. There are lots of different inserts.

The canoe is a St. Maurice canoe. I think they were manufactured in Quebec. Bought used over 20 years ago for $250. Not sure what model it is. Great boat.

Thanks for the replies. I now have a couple of name I can use when shopping. And yes, it does look like it can be a little painful pulling the insert through.

Here’s the best pic I can find online of the rubber strip I’m looking for…