Canoe Repair & Rejuvination.

Does anybody know of any professionals who repair and rejuvenate canoes in Northeast Ohio, Northwest PA, or Western NY State.

I have a 2004 Morningstar Bell Canoe, 40 lb Kevlar lay up. After a lot of paddling it is starting to show some wear and tear and I like to know if anyone knows a person who is good at doing a once over with it, and is reasonably priced. Probably deliver it to them in September.

I’ve heard of this guy named Clarion
If he can’t do it, I bet he can point you in the right direction…

Thanks, but no thanks.
No one who likes to use a Malecite (one of the true sacred canoes of all time) as an ice breaker will ever be allowed anywhere near my canoe.

Dog Paddle Canoeworks
has done such… I can’t speak for Marc’s availability though… Go to his website and contact him.

Western NY.

A correction. The website is or email to

oops nm