Canoe Repair - Wood rails / decks


I am looking for any tips that people might have concerning how to repair the wood trim on a Swift brand canoe. My canoe experienced some damage during a portage in Algonquin last year. The stern deck and part of the rail got beat up. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


What do you mean?
Describe what “beat up” means. Are you looking to replace them? Do they need structural repair (cracked, broken) or do they just need some cosmetic repair (scratches and dings)?

If near the end of the boat, you may be
able to splice in new segments with scarf joints. If you glue these in with West or System 3 epoxy, the joints should be very strong. The epoxy might be thickened with colloidal silica to help keep it from running out of the joints while it cures. You may be able to cut the scarfs by making a jig and using a jigsaw with a very steady hand.