Canoe repair?

I have a canoe I have owned for 25+ years.It has fallen into disrepair and needs extensive reconditioning.Anyone interested in taking on this project ? Any links or leads on who to contact? It is a Merrimack Canoe .Made by L.H.Beach,if that helps.It has two seats and a “portage bar?” in the center.It also has wooden ribs and was very nice at one time.Thanks for any help or info anyone can forward

where are you?
you’ll probably get better advice about rebuilding/restoring help if you put up a profile with your approximate location.

Everything you ever wanted to know abou
Wooden canoes here:

They also have On-line builder’s catalogues here and an alphabetical Directory of restorers/builders here:

Great information!!!
What a joy to see the love and care put into these old boats. Thanks for the links.


Merrimack Canoes
You might want to contact Merrimack Canoes directly to see if they would restore your canoe – they’re still in production. These days the company is located in Tennessee where the descendants of Mr. Beach carry on the tradition – still a small family business.

FWIW, though Merrimack canoes have wooden ribs they are not cedar/canvas canoes as some have perhaps assumed. In fact they’re hybrid composite/wood ribbed boats. Merrimack Canoes are among the very best canoes ever built – then or now. Well worth restoring.



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I did not assume anything. The poster didn't ask what kind of tree the skin was made out of, or I would have told them the hull is made of rare fiberglass fibers or even rarer kevlar bark!

You wrote:
“Everything you ever wanted to know abou(t) Wooden canoes”. And then gave a link to the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association. Whether or not you personally assumed Merrimack canoes were cedar/canvas or not is beside the point. In my humble opinion the statement you wrote and the link you provided to the WCHA may have contributed to a misunderstanding among the many readers of this public forum regarding the construction of this boat. Hence my statement: “…they are not cedar/canvas canoes as some have perhaps assumed”. I meant no offense, but felt this needed to be clarified. Randall