Canoe repair

I have a Oldtown “Guide 147” canoe with a .22 hole through one side. Its toward the top(above the water line) so there never is any water coming in, but I still would like to repair it. Is there a cheap product,(some kind of epoxy maybe) that I can use that will do a good job and be long lasting? Thanks.

if you know
of someone who is putting a skid plate on their boat, all you need is a tiny bit of the material and epoxy. Too much money to buy one just to patch such a small hole, unless you were going to put them on your canoe.

I’ve got a friend who has a canoe he bought used a long time ago. Previous owner put a hole in it on some rough whitewater, and subsequently patched the hole. Apparently, he just used some sort of general epoxy that works with abs plastics, and then he painted it red so the patch didn’t stand out QUITE as much.

This hole was also above the waterline, and the patch works well. I even paddled the boat once, and it was fine.

Assuming it is Royalex
ABS / Olnotar whatever, you have an easy job.

Get some epoxy putty from the hardware store ( my fav is PC-7 or PC-8) (one is grey and one is white). Mix thoroughly, apply with a popsicle stick, smooth with a wet finger, allow to cure. Use touch-up enamel from the hobby store if you so desire.


The Guide is a Polylink 3 hull.
Old Town may have a repair kit. If color wasn’t a concern, melt pieces of plastic milk jug and plug the hole.

Polylink 3
aka polyethelene.

Not much will stick to it.

Maybe find a plastic welder?

Maybe slag a milkjug?

I’d be inclined to leave it be.


I fixed mine disco 160
My old tome disco 160 is made of the same polylink 3 as your guide 147. I fixed a similar sized hole right at the waterline with epoxy putty I bought at the hardware store. It was called steel something.

I just kneaded a little piece and packed it into the hole and made it flush with each side. After it dried I covered each side with a little round dot of clear duck tape.

It has lasted about 4 years without problems, but I think the duck tape got rubbed off the outside and I don’t recall if I’ve replced it.

Pan head screw/nut w/rubber washer?
If it were my boat I’d just get a pan head screw with a rubber or even nylon washer for a good seal. Naturally of the proper length screw so that there isn’t any thread beyond the nut for things to get snagged on. In the same vein as the nuts and bolts used to connect the footbrace rails in kayaks.

I might even drill out a hole on the other side and do the same thing for symmetry and the appearance of purpose :smiley:

P.S. Boats are bad for target practice.

try this
turn the boat on its side, get some poly rope, light the end with a match and when it starts dripping, drip it over the hole. Might want to tape a piece of metal on the outside of the hole as a temporary stop to keep the melted poly flat with the outters skin.