Canoe repair

-- Last Updated: Apr-06-08 9:02 PM EST --

I found this canoe in he dump last year and I'm making it my spring project.
As you can plainly see it has a 4' crack in the mid section, (on both sides) It had been repaired, the inside patch is solid, the outside was bad the shell wasn't sanded the pieces not algined, edges of the patches not in contact with the boat.
I cut the old exterior patch off, and in this pic, started sanding off the exterior finish. Since the pic I have finished sanding the finish off where it will be patched.

My plan is to fill the cracks with resin before patching. Should I let this set and then sand out before patching, or do it together. Fill it and start the patch.

Closeup of crack again before finished sanding

sand, I would also suggest getting some microballs from west marine or any other fiber glass place. thicken up the epoxy with the micro balls to the consistancy of peanut butter. Trowel it in the the hole. several small layers are probobly best. As long as you work while the epoxy is still green you can avoid the amine blush wash. Use chop sticks or what ever to make sure the hole is filled. Let dry then sand. wait a bit and wash the blush. Throw on a patch of 4-6 oz glass. then sand and feather in a little more. Throw some gel coat over all and you are good to go!