canoe repair

I have noticed an area of fiberglass&epoxy that is delaminating from the cedar strips on my strip built

Merlin. I have polyester resin and hardener in stock now. Since the canoe was built using epoxy I know I should use that to repair it, but It is not too big an area,and I have scots in me like Mike Mcrea.

Can I get away with cutting off the delaminated cloth and just use the polyester and cloth, or do I have get epoxy ?

I am not overly concerned about matching finishes.


repair project

There are compatibility Issues between epoxy and polyester resin. Why struggle with those issues. Consider how much time and effort and money you put into construction of the kayak. Spend the money for a small amount of epoxy and do it the easy way.


Old Boatbuilders’ Saying
"There’s never time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it again."

Substitute “money” for “time”, and there you have it…

Can you inject …

– Last Updated: Jun-27-08 12:05 AM EST –

.......... epoxy resin and hardner mix under delamination (fill under cloth) ?? There are thinning agents that can be added to the mix if needed .

When cured , light sand the varnish top coat around the area repaired , tack off and touch up .

If injection is posible in your situation , I would suggest using a "slow" cure mix and actually attempt to bring surface static temp. "down" for first 30 minutes of set . Cool area being repaired , from inside hull if applicable .