Canoe Repair

I own an older Coleman plastic canoe that has taken a recent tumble off my truck. The aluminum frame connectors made of nylon have broken. Can anyone help me find some replacement parts. I’ve already contacted Pelican and they haven’t responded.

don’t now this but …

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...... perhaps standard plumbing type sched.40 PVC (white) may fit properly to the round tubes used in your Coleman ... what size O.S. diam. are the alum. tubes in yor canoe ??

The sched.40 PVC comes in 22-1/2 , 45 , and 90 degree fittings ... T's and a few other shapes . When you read 1" for example , this is the I.S diam. of the PVC "pipe" that the fitting slips onto (a 1" PVC fitting is not 1" I.S. diam. at it's connection point , but rather it is larger than 1" because it slips over the 1" PVC pipe (which is 1" I.S. diam. pipe not 1" O.S. diam. pipe) .

The O.S. diam. of a 1" PVC pipe includes the "wall" thickness of the sched.40 PVC . , so it's 1" plus 2x's "wall" thickness . The I.S. diam. of a PVC fitting is made to slip over the O.S. diam. of the pipe .

For instance the I.S. diam. of a 2" fitting at it's connection point is just a hair over 2-3/8" .

Some type PVC fittings slip "into" the larger I.S. diam. of another fitting ... these fittings are sized same as the pipe would be , so their I.S. diam. would be for instance , 1" fiting = 1" I.S. diam. .

The "black" ABS fittings (which are similar to the sched.40 PVC) , are a slightly different size I.S. and O.S. diam. compared to the sched.40 PVC .

And there are other plastic plumbing fittings that are not PVC or ABS , but such things as PEX .

Maybe , just maybe one of these plumbing fittings would be a suitable replacement for your canoe's broken pipe fittings ... you'd have to take careful measurements pf your canoe's tubes and go to the store , or a piece of your canoe's tubes taken to the store to test dry fit .

Also consider if the fit is close , there are simple ways to make it nearly a perfect friction fit .

But before I did any checking of plumbing fittings ... I'd do all I could to get a real person on the "phone" (as in telephone) at Pelican/Coleman and ask what's up about getting replacement parts , you know they have them there somewhere .