Canoe repair

I just bought used 1981 Colman 15 ft. canoe. On the keel there are spots that look like body putty has been used to repair. Canoe is red plastic like material. Does anyone know what the hull is made of, royal-x, poly or what? Basically I need to know hull material so I can repair right and get rid of body filler. HELP!

Hope you didn’t pay too much!
Coleman is Ram-X, a heavy poly canoe. None of them have been great paddlers, so I wouldn’t sink any substantial $$ into fixing it. However, if the repair is small and it gets you out on the water, more power to you. Paddle it until you aren’t into it or want to upgrade.

milk jugs
I have read about people using plastic milk jugs and melting them into the hole. I have never done this so i would practice on the out of water area.

It can be welded if you have a plastic welder or can use some other heat source to melt and bond the plastic. You have to have compatible plastic rods to fill any voids.

It is a cheap poly boat
You should be able to repair it with Wests Systems G-Flex epoxy, but if there is a lot of work to be done, the epoxy might cost more than the boat is worth.

You can get it at any West Marine store for about $20

Jack L

Canoe repair-Thanks
Thank you for the information. I spent a hundy for the canoe, holds water out but not sure for how long. It has been painted at least twice, red canoe and done in black and camo. This is my “starter” canoe, we have rented on occasion and do really enjoy canoeing but this bugger is HEAVY!