Canoe rescue

I rescued this 1989 16’ fiberglass AuSable Canoe that was badly damaged from ending up in our local landfill.

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Wow. Nice job! Welcome to the paddling 'hood.

Way too pretty! Nice job and enjoy it on the water. I love the red tractor seats. What is the history of Au Sable Canoe?

Saving canoes is a good idea.
Practicing rescues is even more important.

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Sawyer used the AuSable brand as well as the Oscoda brand for their budget canoes. According to the old catalog that I have the AuSable line had chopped glass between the gel coat and the interior woven roving. At 1’ it’s probably a Sport.

Fiberglass repair had to be done on the side where the gunwale is bent. That had to be straightened and both ends needed glass repair.

I had to remove all the repairs from the last owners and repair it right. To repair the gunwale and the cost of paint inside and out I have $400.00 into it.

Nice work! It looks better than new. Please give us a more thorough review of the boat after you spend more time on the water. It looks like it will paddle nicely and it looks like it deserved to be rescued.

I actually have it for sale on Craigslist in Bend Oregon. I have a few more canoes to repair during this Covid-19 shutdown.

Well done! Very nice job. It’s my guess you’ve worked with glass a lot… bet this isn’t your first project.

Yep, done glass work most of my life . Retired now. As a hobby I make and design gas powered R/C boats.