Canoë restauration fibre glass

Hi is there a way to add lateral keel with cedar and epoxy ? For more stability I take my canoe on moose hunting and carrying 250 pounds + us make canoe not very stable.

And is there a way to find metal stripe in front ? It was lost I think Kevlar skid plate ?

And last question the rib had crack but when opening it up it’s not structural it’s just filled with cork ? I plan to fill it with wood epoxy and close it up with fibreglass ? Suggestion ?

See picture click google photo URL

Some random thoughts.

  1. How long is that canoe?.. I don’t think it will take two people and 250# of moose and be stable. That canoe looks a little pointy in the ends. Both of my 17 ft canoes are fuller in the ends and carries your kind of weight…that boat doesn’t look built for that.
  2. metal stripe…lost?..I see no indication there ever was a metal stripe.
  3. how come the canoe is white in one picture and red in the other?
  4. A rib formed above cork, cedar, or balsa wood could be “structural”.

This is the front metal strip I am looking for the original skid plate

See picture

The canoe is 17 feet.

The red canoe is an example see picture here Example keel lateral to add on the white canoe

I am thikind add lateral keel to have more stability with epoxy fibreglass strip made of cedar ?


Not an expert but I don’t see how adding them will make the boat more stable. It may track (go straight) better and they would protect the bottom from scrapes.

You could contact Great Outdoors and see if they can tell you what the weight capacity is. All I can suggest is pack the heavy stuff on the bottom.

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Simple hardware store aluminum strip and you fabricate.

Keelsons will help it go straight. Stability not so much.

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You can get half round here: McMaster-Carr

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Your boat already has a molded keel and two smaller keels (keelsons).
The old wood and canvas boats came with stem bands. I have a boat with half round copper stem bands. They go from the deck, down the bow and aft about 18 inches.