Canoe restoration

Does any one have any suggestions for restoring a Navarro Affinity canoe? Unfortunately it’s been out in the GA sun for several years. Interior is still ok, but the fiberglass is faded and dull. Can I send this back to Navarro for restoration? I prefer to outsource the work. I love this canoe and would like to get it looking new again. Thanks!

looks wise a Navarro canoe …

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....... reminds me alot of a Merrimack canoe .

Why don't you get a buffer , some compound , some wax and give it a go yourself ??

The last thing you want to do is paint it ... so short of a re-gelcoat job , just buff it up .

that is step one. I am betting that the surface is just oxidized.

I did that on a gel coated hull once and the results were just fine.

Then if that does not work…come back.

I have used Nu Finish
with good results on faded fiberglass. Any auto parts store.

Is Navarro still in business?
I didn’t think so.

You might google up this product. I’ve used it on several boats with sun fading and it worked wonders. Its available at home centers. Its been discussed here on the boards as well. After the penetrol dries I’ve used 303 on the gel coat like I would any other boat. Good luck.