Canoe Revival - Piece of Art

In November 2019, I created this post: Preserving a piece of Ontario canoe heritage

This year took the plunge with wonderful local fabricator - Cedar Waxwing Boatworks in Greely - to paint the interior and epoxy the exterior. I’ve spent two seasons bringing the wood back and now using Tung oil only. If you want the contact info let me know…

This canoe is nearly 50 years old, but honestly I can’t take my eyes off her.

Happy canoeing!


And the interior…

Nice restoration!

Thanks Willowleaf. It took me a few years to commit, but sure glad I did.

She’s beautiful!

Thank you dcowell65. I can’t believe it. Such a canoe heritage alive and well in Ontario! I am grateful…

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Gorgeous work. Well done! Did you resolve the itchy problem?

Yes Rookie, with 3 coats of Interlux Brightside on the inside; very smooth finish. Steve at Cedar Waxwing also applied 2 coats of epoxy West system. The canoe is only a bit heavier at 3.5 pounds more…that’s 53.5 pounds!

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Nicely done, but not suitable for rivers with 3 keels.

Thanks ppine. I wouldn’t go down the Petawawa with her!

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