canoe rod holders

I need to make some rod holders for my canoe. I want to make them cheap and simple, also they can’t stick out above the gunwales because i car top. Any pics or ideas would be great!

Thinking about
making some for mine when it gets in also. Thinking about mountin some PVC pipe to a milk crate like I’ve seen the Yak guys do. The crate is easy to remove with all my stuff still in it. PVC will probably get slots cut with a dremel to slide the reels into and turn to lock. Then PVC mounted to crate with bolt and threaded knob to allow an angle setting of the holder. What do you think of that?

rod holder
It’s a cool idea but 2 people neeed to be able to reach there rods easily so I wanted to mount the holders closer to both passengers.If I was paddling solo it would be perfect, it could hold my rods and all my other crap.

Rod holders
Berkley fishing has some cheap rod holders that have worked well for our Tandam.

You can bolt them through the gunnell or clamp them to a cross bar.

My solo canoe mounts some Scotty rod holders that are mounted outside the canoe. Bolted through the gunnel. Work fine.

Milk Crate
The milk crate works awesome in a canoe. I have mine rigged to hold 4 rods. Use zip ties to secure the PVC pipe in the corners. Straight up and down or angled. I set the crate near the center thwart so both paddlers have access to their rods. It works great for holding pliers, lipgrippers and all the other crap I bring along.

Milk Crates
I just made one of these on Saturday. Worked like a charm on Sunday. I bungy it to the center seat. The whole setup is in and out in no time at all and cost about $10.00.

I used crates I purchased at Staples. Petty theft of milk crates would not be good for my career.

Securing rods in create?
I like the milk crate idea and I just happen to have some I picked up at a hardware store years ago. My question is, how do you keep the rods secured so they don’t fall out if the canoe flips?


Do you flip a lot? If so, maybe you
need outriggers. A more realistic suggestion might be to buy some rod floats or make your own out of pool noodles.

Rod Leashes
Short small diameter bungees also.

Securing rods in create?
Use three foot sections of two inch PVC. Cut an L shaped slot in the end that your reel will fit in. Set them in at an angle and use zip ties to hold them in against the sides of the create. The space down the middle can be used for storage.

I tried it with two foot sections and the reels hit the top of the create.

Rod leashes may be ok in a canoe, but
in a kayak, its just one other thing to hang up on if you have to make a wet exit.

Rod holders for canoe from Fla. Guide
Please check out my post in the Canoe Pics Please topic.

The basket in front of the seat is bungeed to the thwart, also have a milk crate with rod holders behind the seat.

Found the crate at Staples and the matching rod holder at Boat US/West Marine.

Both work great!

Hope this helps.

Canoe Rod Holders
Check out my “fishing rod holders” on Ebay. Take a good look at the feedback. They are great. Happy fishing. Bud “MrClampit”