Canoe rowing seat

Own a 14’ Raddison that I really like. Lightweight - light enough I can muscle it and and out of the pickup alone, very stable and has oar locks from rowing from the center. BUT, I’ve tried to find a nice center seat that I can put in it rowing, not a permanent seat, just something that will fold up when not in use. I’m currently using a “low” beach chair but looking for something that sits just a bit higher, say 4 or 5" from the bottom of the floor. Any suggestions? Thanks from Lake Winnipesaukee, NH.

Check or springcreek.
What I’ve seen on there might fill your needs.

spring creek
I have not used them, but spring creek sells a drop in seat and other canoe rowing supplies.

build a box seat
It would be easy enough to build a box seat that you could place in the boat to use.