Canoe Sail Kit

I was gifted a Wee Lassie Wenonah canoe. I’m interested in outfitting it with a sailkit. I am looking for something that can be easily collapsed if bigger winds than I’m comfortable with come up. Also, not real excited about drilling holes in the kevlar. And, lastly something that allows me to use my kayak paddle to steer.

Any suggestions?

Easy MacGyver-ism
Adding an additional deck plate (wood) up front and over the little bow thwart (u-bolt to that) would give you a spot to mount the foot of a P&H Code Zero / Flat Earth or Falcon Sail rig with space for a four point stay system.

These will work best for a tail wind or quartering. A bit less effective for beam and just drop the mast for paddling into headwinds.

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what Marshall said but better
I have used Flat Earth extensively in the past (mostly now sold) to switch to a better sail with better materials and better design:

He ships internationally for much cheaper than Flat Earth

If you want to sail it and not just para shoot down wind.

You will need a lee board and a rudder. The lee board hangs and the rail and is switched with direction.

They make a soft socket for the mast that lays flat when not in use it can be attached with west system 207 and 105 on that layup but call them they are very nice there. Mast location is very important look up center of force on a sailing system. If you get the balance of the center of force right you can tack up wind.

a custom thwart with a mast hole and mast tie down line is sweet and easy to pop in. If you are getting ready to sail me matey it will not be calm and flat.

You will need a very sturdy sailing rudder there is a lot of force on the rudder. When the boat rocks it acts as a stabilizer and takes a beating you can not over build the rudder and transom. Make it long deep and thin. and it must kick up easy. I have my rudder set up so the side plates the hold the rudder are set so when the rudder is pulled up it is pinched and held up so when not in use you can pull it up and swing it next to the boat completely out of the water and tight to the side of the boat. this needs to be a friction connection so it will stay down and up but kick up on rocks and such.

You can make tough lee boards and rudders by cutting large like 8 in pvc the long way heating it slowly I use a turbo heater. When soft lay flat and cool cut out parts reheat and shape as needed.

I built a sailing rig and use it on river trips it is fun and flips people out when you come sailing down a river in a canoe. most of all you make super time with no effort.

It can get tricky to tack on big water in a canoe with a mast up in large chop and wind. Just make them quick. But when under wind power it is amazing how rock solid you are you bash through the waves it is sweet.

The 105 107 is expensive and only come in way too much for your job. Shoot me a line if you need a little for the mast boot I can send you a pump of each. For free!


sell it

sell it LOL
best tip for home built sail rigs that tough u joint problem. The one you need for the tiller handle. Rubber car heater hose.

How many pumps does it take to get to the bottom of a 207 quart can? one two three …$125.00 by _____ pumps = cost of one pump. I could pump out the whole can and count them or weight one and then the empty can. Then I could funnel it all back in. I could measure one pumps volume and calculate from can volume. OR… Ok I will sell it the cost is you have to pay it forward.


well its like this …
I spoke with Sea Pearl owners then watched the utuber videos n came to the conclusion…

rudder loads
Really if you’re loading up the rudder you should think about moving the leeboards back a bit. Having a weather helm is a good idea but on a long skinny boat like a canoe the rudder should be much more neutral with only a light load on it. Other possibility, though it’s more work is to add a little area to the rudder in front of the pivot so it balances easier.

Bill H.

You do not need a rudder
But you will need a leeboard. I steered my canoe mostly by adjusting the leeboard.