canoe sail

can anyone suggest a web page that might sell canoe sails thank you herb.

my sail
Herb, You’ll get some better answers from the canoe-sailors on here, but I have a sail (a “junk rig”) that came with a used boat I bought, and I doubt I’ll ever use it. Wish I could sell it to somebody who would love it, but can’t imagine shipping it.

FYI, there are photos of my canoe/sail and others here:

Good luck, Pat (in Vancouver).

Here is one that interests me.

Its an ancient Polynesian double mast system built with modern materials. It doesn’t require a leeboard or much along the way of rigging.

Canoe sail kit - Spring Creek, MN
I’ve had a Spring Creek sail kit for my OT Discovery 164 for about 6 years and am very pleased with it. It’s fairly expensive, but once purchased you’ve also got most of their rowing kit which I use quite a bit. Here’s a link

Here is one to check out

ACA sails
The ACA sells canoe sails under the “Order Stuff For Sale” link at:


Balogh is the best
Mark makes the best stuff I’ve ever seen for canoe sailing. Spirit sails is another iutfit that makes and easy to use quality downwind rig.

Another way to go is to chop up some old windsurfer parts and make a nice lug rig like I did.

I’d look into the
Balogh design as well if I were you- more pricey but it"s worth the cost-I’m getting one for my kayak eventually.

Canoe Classic BSD produces kits that can be mounted on canoes.