canoe sail

Read about these occasionally, someone rigs up 2 paddles with a jumper between them and uses it as a sail for downwind using the spare paddle as the ruddder.

I can imagine a tarp might work as well but not sure how you would rig that round 2 paddles.


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A flannel bed sheet is perfect. The speed with a tail wind is downright amazing. On the upper Missouri R in MT we had large roostertails and made 10 mph over ground speed. It is like cheating.

During the Golden Age of Canoeing (before cars) canoe sailing was common. To sail in any direction except downwind, lee boards are needed on each gunnel. A mast step is built into the bottom of the hull. A tiller can be added.

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Sheet for a Sail
A sheet used for a sail works great on overnight “canoe camping” trips and certainly works on wilderness trips. It is a good way to add some novelty to traveling day after day on long trips.

I always wondered if a golf umbrella would work hooked on the front thwart. Anybody tried it? The umbrella could do dubble duty around camp in the rain. I long downwind runs,coasting in the wind sure would be nice.