Canoe Sailing?

I just recently stumbled on the existence of Canoe Sailing (aprently it’s been around forever), and wonder if anyone here has a rig and has done it before?

I see a pre-packaged kit from SAILBOATSTOGO.COM, and wonder if anyone has any expereince with this kit in particular.

I’m a fairly expereinced paddler, with both canoes and WW kayaking.

I’m considering mounting this kit on either a PELICAN COLORADO, or an OLDTOWN GUIDE 147, any reccommendations?

Take a look at some of the vids here, it looks like too much fun to pass up:

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Click on my profile. There’s a slide show that includes my rigs.

I’ve seen the sail and outriggers from sail boats to go.

The sail is a nylon Snark sail. Not the best but IMO well worth what they are asking.

The outriggers are kind of kludgy but functional.

I tried using a paddle blade for a leeboard like they do and was not happy with the results.

You might want to look at the yahoo canoe sailing page.

Lot’s of pictures, links and postings from the world wide canoe sailing comunity which by the way includes kayaks.



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That is really nifty! And the sail rigs you use are huge. My biggest is a 5 meter sail but I only use it in the summer when the wind is really light. My other rigs are about 3 meters or less. Did you build those rigs yourself?

40 sq ft or 3.7 meters
Both of those sails are about 40 sqare feet or 3.7 meters. I have another that’s 50 sq ft or 4.6 meters, reefable to 40. IMO 40 is about minimum on my Explorer. Less than that and the hulls windage really acts up. I’m thinking I’ll put a reef in the Osprey’s sail. See what it does with 30?

The Lug sail (square) is the Mill Creek from CLC. It works better with a stiff mast. The hobie looking sail was made from Tyvek I bought from a kite building outfit called Into the Wind.

Here’s a pic of the Explorer with the big Tyvek housewrap sail.

and one of friend Sean sailing his Explorer with a Sailboats To Go sail

and finaly one of DougD aka J.S. Canoe sailing his Disco with a Snark sail.


my sailing canoe
[URL=<a href=“” TARGET="_new"></a>] i’ve been sailing the boat for almost 30 years in various configurations. great fun! for me making the parts and rigging the boat are almost as much fun as sailing. i would look up the american canoe association sailing pages and assemble a ‘cruising class’ 44 sq ft rig, leeboard, etc if i were beginning canoe sailing. the rig you asked about may be ok for getting a taste of sailing canoes but the aca rig is ‘the real deal’, a versatile rig with a quality sail.

Much thanks for the info…
I figured using a paddle for a leeboard wouldn’t be the greatest.

Thanks everyone for all the info, I clearly have more research to do.

Sail rigs easy to make yourself too.

Most of us make our own rigs.

If you are buying look around. I think this is the same setup as you showed at less cost:

Also there is a lot more info on the boards here. Do a search. Type in the word sail, select all boards and subject, then search. This will get you lots of hits with good info. Try other related/variations of words searches as well. You will find that when a lot of threads have been written on a subject most people will not repost their comments, but expect you to go find them.

Happy hunting.



much appreciated…
It looks like the SPRIGCREEK site offers the whole kit (with floats) for the same price as SAILBOATSTOGO (allthough their “hydro” float package is much cheaper :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link.

I’ll try some more searches as well.