Canoe Seat Back Rests

I am thinkingt of getting seat backrests for my Wanonah Adirondak as my back gives out after an hour or so.

Wondering what experiences or suggestions anyone may have regarding back rests.

Thanks to all of the great folks who are so knowledgable on this forum and are willing to share.

Crazy Creek…
canoe chair is what my wife got me for a gift…I use it on our Spirit II. I thought it might not be that good with giving support to my back but I was pleasantly suprised…Works quite well. Others out there…Sitbacker canoe chair, plus there are wood and cane seat backs that you can attach that fold down…Good luck

canoe backrest
When I use one it is usually a Gander Mt Insul Seat, the one with the internal bar metal edge frame, not the one with the tubular frame. Their version of the crazy creek for about $15. I installed snaps on the grab handles to hold it together on portages. Works fine for me.

Thank you
Thanks for the suggestions.

Canoe seats
Check Piragis for a good selection ad pictures.


Yesterday … at ChinaMart
I bought an oblong (24" wide X 30" long with a high back) “bean bag” that I’m going to use in my Adirondack. This is the second bean bag purchase I’ve made for my canoes. They are particularly good at allowing one to mold the filling for seat height and varying amounts of back support … just push the polystyrene pellets around until the bag shape suits you. In my particular application, I will be taking out the front bench seat and replacing that spot with the bag so that I can face backward and row my Adirondack with my stern partner providing rudder actuated directional control. It’s the epitome of lazy fall season tripping … very laid back. Lastly, the bag was marked down $ 5.00 … total was $15. Not too much at all for the amount of warmth and comfort it will provide for hours every day we’re out there. My guess is that we will be vying for the rowing position.

I have a SeAirSports
canoe seat with an inflatable lumbar support. The lumbar support uses a squeeze bulb for the inflation. SeAirSports dropped their canoe seat offerings a while back to concentrate on kayak seat products.

Now that I kneel eclusively when I paddle, my back problems when paddling have all but gone away, as the kneeling position is a much better position ergonomically. That being said, I would be willing to part with, what I consider, one of the best canoe seating products produced.

Let me know if you have any interest.