CAnoe Seat Back Support

I am looking for some back support on my Wenonah tractor seats and the bench seat on my Magic solo. I will mostly use it when I am fishing/relaxing , not for “aggresive” paddling.

After years of not using some sort of back support, I have finnaly given to have some sort of support. I was looking at the Wenonah Super Seat :

And the CushGear BackSaver:

Has anyone used both of these an is the Cushgear worth the extra money?

For forty bucks, I would try the Wenonah
but never the “cushgear.” The latter was clearly NOT designed by serious canoeists. All that hard stuff sticking up in the air. An embarassment to the sport.

No rigid seats

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I don't like the rigid frame type of seats (2nd link)

I liked my Crazy Creek seats, but up graded this year to Duluth.

I might be tempted with the Wenonah
When I raced the YRQ I was fortunate to have a thwart placed such that I could arch my back enough to get some temporary relief from severe back pain through the night time paddling hours. I knew that before paddling a week of 18 hour days the Y1K I would need something better. A short (cheap) version of a crazy creek proved invaluable rigged to my seat. A few minutes paddling against it, sometimes with a coiled throw rope in the small of my back, proved a tremendous relief. Just a few minutes paddling with it and I was good to go for hours without it during our long days on the water.

I’ve used several, and agree that the
hard framed add-on seats can become problematic.

The Wenonah seats will provide some back support,

although I ended up switching out the saucer seats

to cane contour seats. They are more comfortable

all-around, they will not let you slip or slide in

the seat, and I don’t use a back add-on with them.

I think the comfort is transmitted up through the

trunk of the body.

Good luck!

i really like the
wenonah backband type backrests. they get anchored to d rings on the gunwales so they are a lot more solid when you lean into them. and i had the wenonah super seats before.