Canoe Seat Cushions - need some ideas

I could go to REI and get something there but what do you do that is a home based made cushion. I will do a search but I like up to the date info.

cut up a Walmart blue foam sleeping pad
It makes it very comfortable. It lasts and it is inexpensive. It is closed cell foam so it doesn’t absorb water.

gel-filled thingies…
I know there’s a price for them, but the gel-filled pads work 4me…fwiw.

Gardening cushions
I don’t know what kind of foam they’re made of, but they feel both dense and soft at the same time. They have a shiny surface. Do you know the type I mean? At Wal-Mart. Available in narrow and wide, max. $10.

they are not cheap but work extremely well. LLBean also sells a full seat for canoes with lumbar support.

Ahhhh, the search for tush cush
I am a big fan of comfortable seats. My searching and experimenting have led me through the following trials:

  1. Un-padded curved caned seat from Ed’s. Not too bad.

  2. Piragis Super seat (?). Not bad, but when combined with the Ed’s curved seat didn’t provide support under my thighs as I wished.

  3. Piragis seat with bottom foam removed and a Thermorest stadium seat inserted. Big improvement due to the adjustability (let air out so it is not rolly-poly) but still no thigh support.

  4. DIY seat, laced with Dacron cord, regular width but twice as long as Ed’s standard. Now we are grtting somewhere. I really like the way the lace sags just enough to mold to my tush. Airy in summer, cold in shoulder seasons.

    Of the commercial seat pads I have tried, I think teh thermorest stadium seat (or hiker seat or whatever they are calling it now) has the most potential. A simple cover sewn to hold it with attachment straps and you are good to go.

    Don’t get me started on backrests.


I use

– Last Updated: Apr-29-10 4:46 PM EST –

2" closed cell foam on my SIK's phase 3 seat and it's pretty comfortable. On my canoe's cane seat I use a Skwoosh pad and it is by far the most comfortable seat I have sat in. I can sit for 6 hours at a time with no problems and typically fish for 10 - 12 hours each time I go out.

How is the seat attached to the canoe and what are the wires to the left (right on the picture)?


– Last Updated: Apr-30-10 6:15 AM EST –

seat is sitting on wood rails (Dymonwood) that are glued to the bottom with some sort of epoxy. I believe it is plexus. The seat is an oversized seat built by Edscanoe parts. The "wires" are paracord doubled up with dog snaps on each end and a wood workers spring clamp mounted in the middle so that it can be positioned anywhere along the rope. This is what I use to tie the boat off at shore or to stumps as I fish. While the cane seat was fairly comfortable by itself the skwoosh gel pad really makes this seat comfortable for very long hours.

The picture below is a little bit of a better view of the paracord set up I use.

The dog snaps are mounted to the thwart and the spring clamp is black/yellow and attached behind the seat to a scotty rod holder.

Three pies a day. Yer git some nice paddin’ on yer butt in no time…

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Old Town Saranac Seats
I took my new Saranac out for the first time today in a lake for a bit of fishing. I find the seats to be very uncomfortable.

Does anyone know of a way to modify them, or even replace them with something more comfortable.

I am very disappointed. The reviews that I’d read indicated that they are very comfortable.

Also, would removing that middle seat/compartment compromise the stability of the canoe, or increase the probability of oil caning?