Canoe seat repaier

Does anyone know where i can buy wicker mesh to repair the seat on my Mad River Canoe??? I’m desparete to fix it soon!!!

Contacting Mad River

I didn’t see any on their site but customer service might be able to help you.

If not try here.

They probably all use the same stuff.

try a local woodworking supply store or on-line wood place. you’ll need the seat materials and the thicker fastening material that gets wedged into the kerf as well as waterproof glue.

good luck…jeff

skip the cane mesh
Drill holes and weave a pattern with 1/8 inch nylon cord or replace it with webbing. Ths mesh has never lasted me more than a year. I’ve never worn out a webbed seat or one with woven cord yet.

I also replaced it with webbing
I cut out all the old cane materials from my seats and replaced it with webbing. You just need a heavy duty stapler to staple the webbing to the seat frame.

wicker mesh availability
Here in Houston, the wicker mesh is available at Leggett Upolstury. They are a material supplier for professional upolstrurers, but will sell to the general public. The material, as I recall, is less than $3 a yard. Its the same material used in cane back rockers and chairs. Be sure to take in your old reed that secures the seat material in the groove, there are several different sizes. You might be able to find a similar supplier in your neck of the woods too.

As for the wicker’s durability, it lasted me over 15 years in my Mohawk 17ft until someone stepped on both seats with size 11’s.

You can also buy entire new seats from Mohawk on-line for about $30. Some local canoe/kayak shops also sell the seats for slightly more, though most are webbed, not wicker.

almost any good craft store
will have cane and spline for furniture repair. Recaneing seats is much easyer than it sounds and costs only about 5 dollars or less per seat. Check the net for many how-to pages.,2037,DIY_13899_2269587,00.html