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Most comfortable canoe seat.

I have a Souris River Q17 that came with kevlar tractor seats. After a few trips to the Boundary Waters and paddling for many hours I must say that they are not the most comfortable. Any opinions on what would be a good replacement, nylon web or cane?

Nylon web
Nylon web is ten times more durable and more comfortable than cane.

Agree, but be careful to get a seat

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frame big enough for your rear end. This is more important with a nylon or polypropelene webbing seat. For a source of semi-custom web or rawhid lacing seats, check out:

They make really nice stuff, and prices are reasonable.

I like web, too.
I carry a piece of sleeping pad to sit on for short periods of time. This changes the pressure points and keeps me from getting sore.

Nylon web (eom)

Webbed seats
Our company makes a bent webbed seat bow, stern or centre. The webbed space is 18" versus the 14-15" that you normally find

This would not be a good site…
…if all the manufacturers were trying to sell their wares here.

You asked for suggestions on another post what people would want your little company to supply, and some of us chimned in.

I don’t know if others feel as I do, but I like this forum without advertisers.




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I am sure that there are those who feel the same as you do and I am sorry you feel that way, but there are many companies asking questions on these sites and lots of people getting really good information from companies. If you do not wish to participate then don't. Thanks

Did you put a pad in the tractor seat?
Wenonah has a good minicell one for not much.I really like the tractor seat in my Voyager.