Canoe seat

New to canoeing and to this site. I am looking for a good canoe seat with back rest. I have a coleman 15’. Have read some reviews on a few but not sure what to buy…could someone give me some advice? Thanks

Stadium seat
Go cheap.

Its not like your going to go on a long trip,Right.

Dont get me wrong I also have a cheap coleman up at the cabin and its not a canoe that you want to spend to much time in anyway.

3-4 hours tops, giveing your worms a bath.

Agree on the stadium seat
any canoe that gets you on the water is good, but don’t spend a lot of money on your Coleman.



Crazy Creek
I bought my wife a Crazy Creek canoe seat about 20 years ago. She seemed to like it.

I’ve never used it in a canoe but I have been happy with it in the bleachers.

It’s roughly 20 years old and while it only gets used lightly it has held up quite well.

Dick’s has them for $25
We used them last season and they work well on the James here in VA.

beach chair
i use sand chair to lower my CG and it serves two purposes when i go tripping, if you go that route wrap the feet in foam or an old garden hose with tiewraps to secure aslo more comfort on the buttios maximus!

I had a coleman many years back,

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and just noticed this deal:

It's a Crazy Creek at the sight, on sale.
I removed the link because it had my shopping
cart in it.

If you are paddling solo, use the strap in seat in the
bow seat facing the middle of the canoe. Put some water
filled plastic milk jugs in the other end to make level.

To optimize this situation, use a kayak paddle about

Good luck!