Canoe Seat

Anyone know of a good comfortable seat for the center bench of a Saranac 14.6?

I suggest…
I suggest you check out Ed’s Canoe website.

Nice seats, well made,fairly price,and quickly sent once ordered has been my experience. Have bought several replacement seats there.


I “Second” Ed’s
Also bought a LOT of replacement seats there over the years. I like the seat/yoke combo for center seats myself. With a seat pad it’s fine for most of the carrying you’ll do.


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The Saranac is a one-layer, thermoformed polyethylene canoe. Polyethylene is a very flexible material that is not really too good for canoe construction. Three layer, rotomolded PE canoes get around this lack of rigidity by adding a foam core that provides both stiffness and buoyancy.

But one-layer PE canoes don't have foam cores. They rely on hull add-ons to provide a modicum of rigidity and sufficient buoyancy. Those "footers" that extend from your seats and center bench down to the hull floor are there to provide some stiffness to the hull bottom. Also, the seats and bench often have foam insets or sealed, air-filled cavities for supplemental buoyancy.

The bottom line is that you can't just go about ripping out your existing seats or bench and replacing them with impunity. You might be able to take out the center bench and replace it with a wood-framed seat from Ed's canoe or Essex Industries but if you do I would fit a minicell block from the bottom of the seat frame down to the hull bottom for both support and buoyancy.

You might try just using a good seat pad on top of the center bench.

My mistake…
My mistake for not stopping & thinking, before putting keyboard in gear.

I was thinking Royalex; NOT polyethelene.

Never owned a poly canoe; never will.

I endorse pblanc’s recommendations.