canoe seating/footing

Recently purchased an Old Town camper 16 for solo fishing. I turned it around and paddled from the bow seat, but still was blown around by a slight wind. I’m use to a kayak with a rudder for fishing, so this was a disappointment. I felt as though I was fighting to stay off the shore as I attempted to drift fish the shore line of the lake. I also noticed that sitting on the canoe seat without foot braces, for support was very uncomfortable. (Not really interested in kneeling). I’m considering moving the seat more toward the center (I’d like a sliding seat if available)and installing some type foot bracing and/or possibly rigging a rudder. Anyone with idea’s?

Re fishing from Camper
That’s a fairly large and flattish bottomed canoe for soloing in a breeze. Since it is meant to carry quite a bit of weight, you might want to try adding weight forward, or in the stern in this case–the collapsible water “blivet” comes to mind, probably a couple of 5 gallon containers so that you can trim it out. I cant recall how affected by wind a Camper is when lightly loaded, but you may need to consider rigging an anchor.

Footbraces are easily installed, although I’m only familiar with the Wenonah brace. It would probably be more than adequate for your needs.

The ultimate solution for this particular canoe may be to find a partener to fish with or a less wind sensitive canoe.

only1lord not interested in kneeling?
Oh, well, maybe you get kneeled out during worship. Episcopalian kneeling tires me out.

You need to get the boat well trimmed. This depends on your sitting posture. If your legs are fairly easy to stretch out, from your history of kayaking, then that will dictate where you might glue down some foam foot blocks. If your legs are not flexible enough to stretch out, you might wish to work on that.

I find it comfortable to sit with one leg extended and one under me, switching legs occasionally.

It is appropriate to increase the amount of gear you have along to weigh the boat down and get it to behave. I hesitate to suggest using a light anchor, as it might scare the fish, but if you were next door, I would lend you an old Grumman canoe anchor to try.