Canoe security cable and locks

Since the lasso security cable will not fit a 16 foot canoe, what do you use to secure your canoe on a car or at a boat dock if you have to leave it there? Thanks.

No locks used.
I either park vehicle where I can watch it constantly or we leave someone with the boats when at the put in or take out. There isn’t a lock out there that will stop a thief and if its an amateur thief they will wreck what they can’t steal.


can custom make a lasso for any canoe
If you live live near a city, look up chains, cables and/or slings in the yellow pages.

I had the Pennsylvania Sing Company make two of them for the Spirt II that Tebpac now has. If I remember correctly, it was a six foot loop on one end, connected to about a nine foot straight cable, connected to another six foot loop that was open until you put a lock on it. You could just run the straight lenght of cable around a tree or whatever. It looked something like this when open 0—C and this when closed 0—0 You have to picture the ends of the canoe going through the loops.

The cost was something like $25 to make. I’m sure they would even ship one to you UPS for another couple dollars more.

Like I said, I had two of them made. Tebpac has one, the other is in a mesh bag at the bottom of the Assawoman Bay around 50th street in Ocean City Maryland.


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I have a 6 foot length of cable with large plastic balls (about the size of a baseball) attached to each end. The cable is threaded around a thwart and the roof rack and the balls are passed into the passenger compartment on each side and the doors are shut on the cable. The cable can't be pulled out unless the door is open.

This contraption was the lock for an old Bic ski rack I once owned. I imagine that something similar can be made with a long section of cable with a loop at each end. Then perhaps instead of the balls, a large padlock or something similar can be attached.

It won't stop a determined thief. No lock will. But it will stop most thefts of opportunity.

As has been pospted, whatever you do, a serious professional is going to get your boat in less time than you would like to imagine.

So we’re left with the kids and other spur-of-the-moment thieves.

I employ the chaos system using bicycle cables to attach everything to everything else.

Last month I traveled with two canoes and two bicycles and without the benefit of a bolt cutter, I’d like to see how many thieves it would take to drag off two canoes and two bikes that were all tied and cabled together.

if you want, I’ll take a pic of the one Clarion had made for the Spirit II and send it to ya…

Works quite well on the car or tied to a tree etc.

Lowes has a very good selection of either just cables themselves, or cables with locks built in. These are coated, and are at a very reasonable price. Should be able to find what you need there. As for the lock, I have the benefit of having an ABLOY lock which I still have a couple from what when we used to use them on magazines that secure heavy explosives. Probably a bit overkill, but it’s the only logical use I have for them these days. Can only be cut with high temp blowtorch. I got mine through the military. Probably could find them somewhere through the internet by searching maybe. Regardless, there are some still some pretty decent locks on the market that would be a bit smaller, lighter, and more practical.


contact name and number?
contact name and number for the Pennsylvania Sling Company? Thanks.

Here is the contact info for PA Sling Co

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I received an email request for phone number of the Pennsylvania Sling Company. I am posting the info here also in case anyone else is interested.

Pennsylvania Sling Co
295 Mount Nebo Rd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-1301
(412) 364-3300

It's been a couple of years since they made mine. I gave them a very rough drawing of what I wanted and they made it. No problem.

This is not something that they make regularly. I was the only one who ever had this request. Not that it's a big deal, they custom make all kinds of stuff, that's their business. But just so you know when you talk to them, they probably will not know what you are talking about if you say "canoe" this or that.

However, the guy in the shop who made mine is an avid canoer (Kevlar Mad River Guide) and thought it was a great idea.

Measure your boat and figure out what you need. Better yet, use three lengths of rope and experiment.

I suggest that you make the center straight length a little longer than you need to connect the two loops, approximately 28-30" longer. That way you can run it around the back of a large tree. Or, if you are running it around something smaller, you just put an overhand loop in it (or two) before connecting it to the open loop. I used 3/8" covered cable but you can have them make whatever you want.

Done right, it can not come off. Of course, it can always be cut with the right tools.

(There goes my notion to advertise and sell custom-made canoe lasso locks on pnet ... I guess I'm not cut out to be a "canoe tycoon" lol.)

Beware Boltcutters!
I have a thick security cable that is about 15’, and you can get them even longer at the local building supply.

Be sure and use something like a mini bar lock, or bicycle lock. Most padlocks are useless against good boltcutters. Even a casual thief will invest $20 in boltcutters. I guess most of them just steal the boltcutters, too!