canoe selection


I’m looking for some advice on a suitable canoe to do a long trip down the Murray river here in Australia , the Murray is a big long(2600km) slow moving river, I will need to be self contained and plan to go for about 2 weeks.

I’m an experienced surf ski paddler mostly on harbours and the ocean, I want to use a double bladed paddle .

I’m ruling out kayaks as I get siatic nerve problems, I’ve tried various models to no avail,dead legs.I have done a trip years back in a canadian style canoe and was fine , you can carry heaps of gear.

So can any one recommend what I shoud look for in a canoe for single person with a double blade?I see that I can get “Old Town” canoes here in Aussie.

Thanks Bruce

If they sell Old town, how about
an Old town Penobscot in royalex. You can get them in 16 feet and 17 feet.

Get one with a center seat, or modify one and put a center seat in and you should be good to go.

They will hold a bunch of gear, and can easily be paddled with a double blade.

Jack L

Are you in touch with other canoeists
in Australia? A few post occasionally on UK sites such as Song of the Paddle. I think Mad River canoes are also imported.

are there no aussie canoes?
Ryan L.

canoe selection
I dont know anyone with a canadian canoe .I live in Sydney so the scene here in Sydney is harbour or the ocean, surfskis are the go . By the way Sydney harbour is great paddling, beautifull.

You can make a single coracle out of
one wombat.

Second the Penobscott
If all you can get is Old Towne then the Penobscott is the boat you want. THe 16’ boat is a pretty fair solo. The 17’ is better as a tandem.

Old Town Penobscot
I have an Old Town Penobscot 16RX that I paddle solo and it’s been a great boat. I haven’t tried a double blade with it, but it does well for me with a single.

Where’s Rick (Packhorse)?
Had a friend who used to frequent this site for years who lives in Queensland. He bought a Mad River Explorer 14TT and used it tandem and solo. The Explorer 15 is the same boat, but in royalex. The Explorer 16 will haul more and would be my choice of Mad Rivers if primarily tandem trips. Rick was very happy with the boat for rivers in that area. I know Mad River ships down under. Hope that helps.