Canoe selection

@Overstreet said:
They will take a beating and keep working. Those old Grumman boats are tough. I have one.

I did a quick research and that seems to be the overwhelming theme is how tough they are.
Says it has a heck of a theoretical payload so we’ll see.
At the price even if I just wound up learning from this boat it’s worth it to me. I wasn’t really planning on buying a canoe before spring, but I suppose this is when deals come up.
Factory original paddles also!
I did see in pictures of this very model of boat the bow in the air from solo paddling from the stern like I was told in this thread.
I did notice that there is a brace near the bow seat so not sure how turning around and paddling from there is going to work out, but I’ll figure it out.

Never mind… The guy said he would take my offer then backed out and wanted more money.
Still a good deal, but not good enough to get me to buy a canoe right now.