Canoe Set Up

Hey Guys,

I’m brand new to the site, (and to canoeing).

I just picked up a used canoe to fish slow rivers and back bays from WV to Delaware.

The canoe is 14’ and 42" wide. It has 2 bench seats that are nylon webbing. It’s purpose is to get the wife out with me more but I will set it up to fish from alone.

Question 1. Does anyone have any photos of rigged canoes or any suggestions? I don’t see any obvious ways to attach things like a light, rod holders for trolling or even just to get them out of the way while paddling, drink holders…

Question 2. Why do canoers use a single paddle instead of a double like you kayakers use? Is it because you need to dig more in a canoe?

Photos would be a big help.



Fishing from your canoe
Welcome Gregg!

I’m somewhat new at this as well. Good luck getting your wife in it with you. My husband LOVES to fish, but isn’t too fond of fishing from my canoe, which is also 14’ long and 42" wide. Very stable for fishing. Mine came with a rod-holder/rifle-holder/paddle-holder. There’s a picture on my website - - it’s not the best picture, but you can see a little detail there under my daughter’s paddle.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, but I wanted to share my pictures anyway :slight_smile:

With a single-bladed paddle, one
splashes less water on the spouse, and is less likely to bonk her in the head.

Welcome, Doublehaul
I don’t use a rod holder, and really don’t have many pics of the way I set my canoes up. I like those velcro paddle holders (they work well for when you put the rod away) and the little bungies with the ball. I have them attached everywhere to hold my small tacklebox, hemostats, camera, and soda. I’ve bought a bunch of those $.99 cent soft soda holders with a bungie ball arround it at Wally world. They fit a 20-24 oz plastic soda bottle perfectly. And another thing you can try is pad-eyes screwed into the gunnel. Canoe I bought from NT had them and never thought about them in all the years I paddled. Heather, glad you got out, sorry the hubby didn’t like it. Here’s a pic tha’s probably as close as I can get to showing how my canoe is “Rigged.” Note the velcro paddle holder in the bottom left of pic(I get them from Piragis Northwoods Store). I attach these to thwarts or yoke. WW

The July issue
of Field & Sream has a short but nice article on setting up a canoe for fishing.

I use the Downeast rod hold. It works very well. It clamps on and can easily be moved/removed with little effort. You may need a small block of scrap wood as a spacer at the gunnel.

Se more on the fishing from canoes board.

There is a gal that visits us sometimes in the “Fishing from” board (where you ought to be with this too) that really has a nice set up in her solo canoe. Crystal-Murray is her name here. Here is a link I took from one of the canoe threads in the Fishing From Kayaks and Canoes section:

Her photos and info may give you some ideas as well as what you get here. She impresses me tremendously.

I take it from your handle that you are a fly fisherman? I am also and use a simple rod holder made from 2 PVC couplers. One is ziptied under the center thwart the other is zip tied under my seat. When I paddle between fishing spots I slip the rod into the holders so it’s not rolling around in the bilge where I can step on it and break it.

Lots of solo canoeists use a double blade. You just have to get one long enough. Check out for a double bladed canoe paddle. I find a single to be less tiring over the course of a day of paddling from fishing hole to fishing hole. Also a single blade allows you a quieter entry into the water. Less splashing equals less spooked fish. An added bonus is the flash of your blades is not spooking wildlife on the shore.

“With a single-bladed paddle
With a single-bladed paddle, one splashes less water on the spouse, and is less likely to bonk her in the head.”

So where’s the fun in that???

(Just kidding Honey)

Thanks to all,

All of the info is outstanding and a bit help.

The photo of Crystal-Murrays canoe looks really nice however I’m afraid to take any ideas away from set up since she’s obviously insane.

Did you see that photo of her in an SOT with a 5’ shark.

Not me buddy.

(Just kidding. No offense intended. The set up looks really nice.)

A canoe and kayak were used for
different purposes. A kayak was mainly a solo boat used for hunting while a canoe was used for hauling. It’s interesting to read books concerning on the history of canoes. You’ll find pictures of families of Indians traveling by canoes or pictures of the large ca not du nord being portaged by several men. Anyway, the bottom line is that several people paddling in the same boat using a kayak paddle would be interesting to watch.