Canoe Shelter plans/ideas?

I want to build something to hold my canoes up off the ground(like at canoe dealers) but I want it to shade them to save sunlight damage.


Old school bus.

Canoe Shelter
I have several canoes and kayaks and have several ways to store them. Some are stored on a trailer I’ve affixed removable square tubing to to the top for a framework and then cover with a motorhome cover. Quick and easy to store and put back into use.

I also have a rack I built in the yard and I bent PVC pipe to make the framework, then I cover the entire thing with a tarp secured with bunjees to minimize wind damage.

You should be able to pick up some used scaffolding and planks. These are very adjustable and sturdy. A few planks on a top section and a tarp should do the trick. Recently discovered some scaffolding will ride quite nicely in the back of a pick-up truck for a truck rack.

I got a hold of some used lumber racks a while back (don’t have them anymore), but they made a nice rack for just a few boats…The top section was used to create a shade.

Keep yer paddles wet and your butt dry…Enjoy.


maybe you could add some more info.

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..... about your needs on this .

I would have a series of questions that you would have to make some solid descisions about , but I may be able to aid you in design .

Q.#1 ... how many canoes expected ??

Are you capable of reasonably precision fabrication yourself , and what degree of funding are you considering spending on materials required ?? (basic , better , best ??)

Responding to the words "plans" and "shelter" that you used ...

more details
I would be for 4 or possibly 7 canoes.I have many 7’ cedar round fence posts I hoped to use. and am fairly handy though not an acomplished carpenter.Low cost is definatly a goal.


Mike MCrea made this one…
and you could put some type of roof on it…

check out these pics from Mikes pics. He also sent in the specs and materials list… Chime in Mike. Could a type of roof be added or would it be easier for some other set up?

photo of ours
This is a photo of our rack early on. I’ve since added parts on to it so that the top and the side to the right are covered with a tarp. The sunlight comes from the right, which is why it is covered on that side. If I were to do it again I’d build the rack so that it would be enclosed by one of those portable garage setups - the kind with the sort of rounded top. Oh, and to give credit where credit is due, this is based on Mike McCrea’s large rack. Not my idea at all.

Turtle , sent you an email …
… if interested .

6 canoe T post rack , CAD design .

Others welcome to request I send them this design also … simple to build , sturdy .

I’d like to see it…, Thanks!

ok sapien , will send …
… also have a 2-3 canoe , lightweight and portable rack design that could have casters added to bottom for rolling in and out of a garage etc. , if interested .

I’d be interested…
in taking a look at it as well.

ok , I’ve sent them out to a few of you
… hoping you like the design .

There isn’t any shelter added to the T post rack , but could easily be designed to be added on . Either a hard surface structure , or a skeleton frame to pin something like sail cloth or other flexable materials to . If anyone actually wants to build this rack and add a cover shelter , I could update the CAD drawings to give you an idea of how to as well .

The “key” is the concrete base that holds the post vertical … once you have the post in place , it is sturdy enough to support other structure as well , because of the concrete foundation … I would say the most important part would be “to be careful” to get the post very plumb with temp. bracings before placing the concrete in tube .

Get or make some cheap sawhorses,
some Tyvek or similar house wrap and secure with rope and/or duct tape.

the Tyvek is really a good option …
… to use as a barrier screen on a skeleton frame roof and side walls … if stretched and fastened properly it would last as long as sailcloth (which is like forever !!) … although you would have to not mind the “billboard” effect , the 9’ rolls are tad expensive too but a still good value .