Canoe shipping: Help!

Thanks to a link that someone sent in a reply to a question I found a great deal on a canoe that I want…the problem is it’s in PA and I’m in Maine…anyone know any reasonable shipping methods? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I drove from Atlanta to southern MI
in late winter to pick up a canoe I wanted.

Canone shipping
I bought a new kevlar canoe and had it shipped from Indiana to Washington state last fall. The cost was about $180, including insurance.

I used Brian Thomas at Freightquote, phone - 800-323-5441 ext 1307 or He has experience in shipping canoes and kyaks.

The shipment was quick and no damage. I was very pleased with the service.


pick up ?
you could prolly make the drive in about 14 hours one way. depending where in Pa.(ya need to avoid rushhour near Boston and NYNY) im in Pa, when i bought my wenonah, i bought from a dealer in DE… no tax and they picked up and delivered wenonah to other dealers… my total shipping charges and taxs was a total of “$0.00”

Affordable Boat Carriers

I used these guys to get my carbon OC-1 from Maryland to Tennessee. Took a while, but they know what they’re doing and took good care of my boat.