Canoe Shopping in the Gulf South

I’m in the New Orleans area and looking to buy a canoe. We’d like it to be on the lighter side (60lbs or less) and have a moderate budget. That doesn’t seem to be a problem in general, but that puts us out of the big box market, and the options for places to buy a canoe fitting that bill seem to be pretty limited. Does anyone have any recommendations for canoe retailers in the (east of Houston, west of Tallahassee) region?

Bayou Haystacker Paddling Club is a canoe active group in the NOLA area. Those folks may have an idea or even some used canoes to let go.

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Couple of observations: light weight and moderate budget are an oxymoron in canoes. Want light weight, be prepared to pay. New canoes for sale can hardly be found in the Gulf South now. Used light weight canoes are far and few between. If you want a good canoe you will probably need to widen your search area. Then transport becomes a problem. Canoeing is just not a big enough market in the Southern U.S. Good Luck

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A great summation of what I’ve been facing! I know it’s a tight needle I’m trying to thread. Light enough that it won’t discourage use, but affordable enough that it won’t break the bank. I’m shooting for a $2,000 budget, so I’m hopeful it’s doable.
You’re definitely right about the region. If only I just wanted to fish from a kayak, I’d be drowning in in possibilities! Worst (best?) case scenario is that I’ve got a road trip ahead of me.

One strategy that many of us use is to expand your shopping radius; see thread about “how far have you traveled to buy a boat?”. I drove just under 200 miles (each way) yesterday to pick up a new-to-me used canoe and that felt like a very short trip compared to many canoes that I’ve bought over the years. :wink:

Swift Keewaydin 15 solo


I didn’t mean to be too pessimistic but it is what I’ve faced as well. With your budget, I’d say you can find something that will fill your needs, It just takes some patience. Most worthy canoes are up in the Northern latitudes and factoring in the cost of a road trip ups the ante too high. Have you contacted Massey’s in N.O. I don’t think they sell canoes anymore but they may have a lead. Look on : and Craigslist, if you haven’t already. Luck

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Update: Found a used Mohawk about an hour away. Thanks, y’all!

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